Van Gogh Museum Tickets, Prices, Discounts, What to Expect and Visitor’s Information

The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam is one of the most famous and prestigious art museums in the world.

It is dedicated to the works of the renowned Dutch post-impressionist painter Vincent van Gogh and houses the largest collection of his paintings and drawings anywhere.

You can admire over 200 paintings, 500 drawings, and 700 letters by Van Gogh, including some of his most iconic masterpieces.

In addition to the permanent Van Gogh collection, the museum hosts rotating temporary exhibitions related to the artist, his influences, and his contemporaries.

Learn everything you need to know about the tickets to the Van Gogh Museum here and prepare yourself for an unforgettable and fun trip to the museum.

A Quick Glance at the Van Gogh Museum

Timing: 9 am to 9 pm

Time Required:  three hours

Best Time to Visit: 9 am to 11 am and 3 pm to 6 pm

Ticket price: €24

Must See: Potato Eaters, Self Portrait of Van Gogh, Sunflowers 

Location: Museumplein 6, 1071 DJ Amsterdam, Netherlands. Get Directions

Why Visit the Van Gogh Museum

Van Gogh Museum welcomes two million annual visitors and is the most popular museum in the Netherlands. 

Here are the top reasons why you should visit the Van Gogh Museum:

  • The Van Gogh Museum houses the most extensive collection of Vincent Van Gogh’s artworks, including over 200 paintings, drawings, and letters.
  • Visitors gain insight into Van Gogh’s emotions, hopes, passions, dreams, and mental state through his several self-portraits that are housed in the museum.
  • You can explore Van Gogh’s most famous artworks, including paintings like The Bedroom and Sunflowers.
  • Visiting the Van Gogh Museum is a must for all art lovers, particularly those who admire the late artist.
  • The museum offers an unforgettable experience with rich insight into Van Gogh’s personal life, struggle, and artistry.

Where to Get The Van Gogh Museum Tickets

Van Gogh Museum tickets are available exclusively online. 

However, due to high demand, the tickets sell out fast.

Hence, we recommend booking your tickets in advance to secure entry. 

Online tickets to the museum are easy and convenient to book. 

You can choose from various ticket options based on how you wish to explore the museum. 

The ticket booking page offers easy navigation and takes you through a simple booking process. 

Once the payment is done, you will receive your ticket in your email. 

On the day of your visit, present the e-ticket at the gate and enjoy your visit. 

The Van Gogh Museum Ticket Prices

Entry tickets to the Van Gogh Museum cost €24 for adults between 18 and 99 years old and €2 for children between 13 and 18 years old.

Infants 12 and under do not need a Van Gogh Museum ticket to enter the museum.

Here are the prices for tickets to the Van Gogh Museum at a glance for your reference:

Van Gogh Museum Entry Ticket€24
Van Gogh Museum Guided Tour€69
Van Gogh Museum and City Canal Cruise €38
Van Gogh Museum and Rijksmuseum €232
Amsterdam Pass€66

Types of Tickets to the Van Gogh Museum

Visitors have numerous types of Van Gogh Museum ticket options, which helps them pick the best ticket type per their budget and needs.

Let us learn more about the types of tickets to the Van Gogh Museum.

Van Gogh Museum ticket with Optional Audio Guide

These Van Gogh Museum tickets give you timed entry to the Museum and allow you to access all its temporary and permanent exhibitions.

Visitors can opt for an audio guide that provides information in 11 languages.

With these tickets, visitors can easily enter the Museum during their desired time slot and explore over 200 paintings, 500 drawings, and 750 letters from Van Gogh himself.

Ticket Price: €24

Van Gogh Museum Entry ticket and Guided Tour

Enjoy a guided tour of the Museum to learn everything about the Museum and its collections with these Van Gogh Museum tickets.

The live tour is in English and lasts around 90 minutes.

Visitors get skip the line access to the museum, ensuring they do not have to waste time unnecessarily standing in queues. 

Ticket Price: €69

Van Gogh Museum and City Canal Cruise

Nothing beats an Art Museum date followed by a romantic Amsterdam Canal Cruise in the Netherlands.

Access the museum with these Van Gogh Museum and City Canal Cruise tickets, including a Cruise audio guide.

These tickets include complimentary earphones during the cruise tour and access to the regular exhibitions at the Museum.

Ticket Price: €38

Van Gogh Museum + Rijksmuseum Semi-Private Guided Tour

This option includes admission to the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum, and visitors can enjoy a semi-private guided tour that lasts around six hours.

The live guide shares their wisdom in English, and the tickets are instantly delivered to the smartphones as soon as the payment is made.

Visitors save time and effort by having to stand in two long queues to get tickets and enjoy a hassle-free visit. 

Ticket Price: €232

The Amsterdam Pass

As the name suggests, the Amsterdam Pass is your golden ticket to Amsterdam’s top attractions.

It includes the Van Gogh Museum tickets, the City Canal Cruise from Rijksmuseum, the Heineken Experience, and the Amsterdam City Audio Guide for your Smartphone.

One of the major benefits of this Pass is that buyers also get an additional 10% discount on other attractions in Amsterdam.

Ticket Price: €66

Which Van Gogh Museum Tickets Should You Choose

Confused about the best Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam tickets?

With so many options to choose from, it is natural to feel overwhelmed and confused.

Let us help you pick the right ticket to the Van Gogh Museum based on your budget, activities and preferences.

  • For a Quick visit or budget trip to Van Gogh Museum

    Visitors under a budget should opt for the simple entry ticket.

    This option offers easy access to permanent and temporary exhibitions with an audio guide. 

    This ticket lets you explore the museum on your own pace

  • For an Informative Trip

    The Van Gogh Museum, Guided Tour option, is an ideal pick for visitors looking forward to an informative trip where they can learn important information about the Museum.

    It includes a live tour guide and is a top-rated activity among visitors.

  • For Exploring Other Attractions and a budget-friendly tour of Amsterdam

    Visitors can pick the Amsterdam Pass if they intend to explore top tourist activities in Amsterdam, like visiting the Van Gogh Museum, the Heineken Experience and the Canal Cruise.

    Buyers get all of these for just €66, and finding a better deal for these three activities is almost impossible.

The Van Gogh Museum Visitors Information

Here is some essential visitors information about the Van Gogh Museum that guests must keep in mind before visiting the Museum:

Opening Hours

The Van Gogh Museum’s opening hours are from 9 am to 6 pm on all days of the week.

The best time to visit the museum is at 9 am, when the doors open. 

During this time, the crowd levels are low, and you can enjoy your visit without any rush. 

If you can not make it during the early mornings, another best time to visit is 1 pm to 3 pm.

How to Reach

The Van Gogh Museum is at Museumplein between the Rijksmuseum and the Stedelijk Museum and is easily accessible by various modes of transportation.

  • By Car

    Visitors can easily reach the Van Gogh Museum by car from their location, and the nearest car park is available at Q-Park underneath the Museumplein.

  • By Trams

    The trams have stops near the Van Gogh Museum: 2,3,5 and 12.

  • By Bus

    Visitors can take buses 347 and 357 to reach the Van Gogh Museum, and the nearest bus stop is Museumplein.

Attractions Nearby

Here are some of the attractions near the Van Gogh Museum that are worth exploring:

  • Stedelijk Museum

    The Stedelijk Museum is famous in Amsterdam dedicated to modern and contemporary art.

    Located less than a 2-minute walk from the Van Gogh Museum, the Stedelijk Museum is a must-visit when in this area.
  • Rijkmuseum

    Head to the Rijksmuseum to explore over 800 years of fascinating Dutch history that will leave you speechless.

    This museum is one of the most popular attractions in Amsterdam and is a 5-minute walk from the Van Gogh Museum.
  • Moco Museum

    The Moco Museum has branches in other European cities like Barcelona and London.

    The one in Amsterdam was founded in 2016 and is just two minutes from the Van Gogh Museum.
  • Vondel Park

    Vondel Park is a 47-hectare public urban park in Amsterdam and is a 5-minute from the Van Gogh Museum.

    Known for its lush green atmosphere, it is one of Amsterdam’s most peaceful and calming places.

FAQs about the Van Gogh Museum 

How much are Van Gogh Museum tickets?

The entry tickets to the Van Gogh Museum cost €24.

Can you buy Van Gogh Museum tickets at the door?

Unfortunately, buying the Van Gogh Museum tickets at the door is impossible as the tickets are available online only.

How do you get tickets for the Van Gogh Museum?

Visitors can book the Van Gogh Museum tickets online in advance before visiting the Museum.

How to get last-minute Van Gogh Museum tickets?

Getting last-minute Van Gogh Museum tickets is very difficult as the tickets get sold out quickly.

If you cannot grab the entry tickets at the last minute, then you might go for the Amsterdam Pass or the Van Gogh Museum Combo tickets, as these options
include admission to the Van Gogh Museum.

Why are Van Gogh Museum tickets sold out most of the time?

The Van Gogh Museum tickets are sold out most of the time as it is one of the most popular attractions in Amsterdam.

Featured Image: Vangoghmuseum.nl

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