Top 10 Museums in Singapore from art to science

Known for its futuristic cityscape and lush greenery, Singapore is also making a mark as a captivating museum destination. 

The city-state’s museums cover diverse themes from art and culture to history, science and technology. 

Many are housed in beautifully designed buildings that complement their world-class exhibits. 

A visit to Singapore’s museums lets you travel through the country’s origins, understand the multicultural environment and glimpse its future ambitions.

Top Museums in Singapore

National Gallery of Singapore

National Gallery of Singapore

Museum of Ice Cream SIngapore

Ice Cream Museum

Art Science Museum Singapore

Art Science Museum

Trick Eye Museum Singapore

Trick Eye Museum 

Asian Civilization Museum

Asian Civilization Museum

10 best museums to visit in Singapore

Singapore has actively invested in developing its museum infrastructure since its independence in 1965. 

Today, the city has over 60 museums showcasing different aspects of Singaporean identity and heritage.

With so many excellent museums to choose from, here are some of the must-visit ones in Singapore:

National Gallery Singapore

Occupying two national monuments – the former City Hall and Supreme Court – the National Gallery Singapore is a premier visual arts venue. 

Its expansive 64,000 sqm space houses the world’s largest public collection of modern Southeast Asian art. 

The gallery’s exhibitions feature iconic works by artists like Georgette Chen and Raden Saleh alongside contemporary installations. 

The restoration of the historic buildings beautifully complements the artwork.

Asian Civilisations Museum

Located in the historic Empress Place Building overlooking the Singapore River, the Asian Civilisations Museum provides insight into the heritage of Asia. 

The museum focuses particularly on the ancestral cultures of Singaporeans. 

The thematic galleries display artifacts ranging from the Tang Shipwreck treasures to Islamic art from West Asia and precious Peranakan pieces. 

The museum also regularly organizes cultural festivals and events.

ArtScience Museum

Designed in the shape of a lotus flower by architect Moshe Safdie, the iconic ArtScience Museum lies along the Marina Bay waterfront. 

As the name suggests, it explores the intersection between art, culture, science and technology through 21 gallery spaces. 

Some of its past major exhibitions include Dinosaurs: Dawn to Extinction and Disney’s The Magic of Animation. 

The museum also has an outdoor atrium, cafe and roof garden for visitors to enjoy.

National Museum of Singapore

Tracing Singapore’s history from the 14th century to the present, the National Museum is one of the country’s oldest cultural institutions.

Its interactive galleries use artifacts, personal histories and art to depict eras like British colonization, World War II occupation, and Singapore’s journey to independence. 

The Singapore History Gallery provides an immersive overview of Singaporean culture and identity.

Changi Chapel and Museum

Found in the Changi military camp, this museum narrates the moving stories of prisoners of war held in Changi during the WWII Japanese Occupation. 

The museum exhibits photographs, drawings, letters, and artifacts from the period painstakingly preserved by the captives. 

The centerpiece is a replica of the original Changi Chapel built by the prisoners in 1944. This museum provides a poignant look at an important chapter in Singapore’s history.

Mint Museum of Toys

With a collection of over 50,000 vintage toys and childhood memorabilia, the Mint Museum of Toys transports visitors to memory lane. 

Its thematic displays include Little Red Dot, showcasing classic Singaporean toys, iconic Barbies, movie character toys, and rare collectibles dating back to the 1840s. 

This private museum makes for an imaginative and nostalgic experience in a historic bungalow.

Singapore Philatelic Museum

Regarded as one of the best philatelic museums in the world, this museum documents Singapore’s rich postal history since the 1800s. 

Its galleries exhibit priceless artifacts like the 1854 Singapore Lithograph stamp – the world’s first adhesive stamp created in Southeast Asia. 

You can also view a replica of the Mobile Post Office that served Singapore during the WWII Japanese Occupation.

Maritime Experiential Museum

Using life-sized replicas and interactive technology, the Maritime Experiential Museum brings Singapore’s maritime history to life. 

Located along Resorts World Sentosa, its highlights include a typhoon simulator and a glimpse of life in the spice trade through the eyes of an 18th-century ship pilot. 

This museum provides an immersive maritime adventure for both children and adults.

Eurasian Heritage Gallery

Situated within the Eurasian Association building, this gallery reveals Eurasians’ culture and community contributions in Singapore. 

Eurasian heritage draws from diverse roots, including British, Portuguese, Dutch, Indian and Malay. 

The museum displays artifacts like pottery, furniture and tools alongside photographs and archival records tracking the community’s evolution since colonial times.

Singapore Musical Box Museum

Music enthusiasts will enjoy this unique museum located at Mt. Faber. 

With over 1000 musical boxes, the Singapore Musical Box Museum has an extensive collection of exquisitely crafted music machines from the 19th and 20th centuries. 

The museum also offers guided demonstrations on restoring and repairing these valuable historical instruments.

Why visit the museums in Singapore

Singapore’s museums offer visitors a fascinating journey through the city-state’s culture, history and evolution from an ancient maritime outpost to a cosmopolitan metropolis. 

The diversity of exhibits, artifacts and interactive galleries paints a rich tapestry of Singapore’s origins and growth. 

Beyond their educational and cultural value, the standout architecture and scenic locations of many museums make them tourist attractions in their own right. 

From art to toys to war memories, Singapore’s vibrant museum landscape has something for travelers of all interests.