Top museums in Germany you should not miss

With over 6,500 museums, Germany is among the countries with the most number of Museums. 

With numerous museums, you can find everything from history, art, and nature to science and technology museums in Germany.

From state-of-the-art institutions in Berlin to specialty museums, Germany’s museums reveal the diversity, heritage, innovations and history of the country.

This article provides a brief on Germany’s best museum and museum cities.

Top Museums in Germany

Berlin Story Museum

Pergamon Museum

Chocolate Museum


Neues museum

Jews Museum Berlin

Natural History Museum

Top cities for museum exploration in Germany

Germany is filled with museums and here is a brief on the top cities you should visit to find the best museums in the country. 


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As Germany’s largest city and capital, Berlin offers an unrivaled selection of world-class museums. 

No visit is complete without seeing the elaborate Neues Museum with its Egyptian artifacts.

If you wish to enjoy archaeological sites in between the city, plan your visit to the Pergamon Museum.

Pergamon Museum houses monumental archaeological relics, and the acclaimed Gemäldegalerie’s stunning painting collections. 

If you an art lover, visit the Hamburger Bahnhof’s modern art and the intimate Alte Nationalgalerie. 

Visitors interest in science and technology should add the Technology Museum’s interactive displays or the German History Museum’s cutting-edge exhibits to your list. 


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Despite a more traditional ambiance, the Bavarian capital, Munich is a top German museum destination. 

The vast Deutsches Museum is the the world’s largest science and technology museum with displays covering everything from mining to music. 

The Pinakotheken art museums provide a trifecta of Old Masters, modern art, and contemporary work.

If you wish to explore immersive artificants from ancient cultures, then Egyptian Museum is your place to be. 

Beyond the center, aviation history comes alive at the German Museum of Aviation.


This western city straddling the Rhine provides a cultural cornucopia of museums. 

The massive Roman-Germanic Museum holds a wealth of artifacts from Cologne’s days as a Roman colony.

For a sweeter look at German confectionary tradition, you can visit the Chocolate Museum. 

All modern and contemporary art lovers should head to the Museum Ludwig impresses with collections of modern and contemporary art.

If you are looking for some relaxing views and exhibits, Cologne offers a Botanical Garden Museum. 


Despite WWII bombing devastation, this northern port city restored its superb museums to highlight northern Germany’s unique heritage. 

The Kunsthalle spans 700 years of art with works by great German and European artists. 

The Hamburg Museum provides an immersive overview of the city’s history and culture in a converted monastery. 

Maritime and immigration history come to life at the International Maritime Museum and Ballin Stadt Emigration Museum. 

If you are a Beatles fan touring Hamburg, then check out the Beatles Museum. 


As Germany’s financial hub, Frankfurt possesses impressive museums concentrated in the riverside Museumsufer cultural district. 

The Städel Museum boasts exquisite Old Master paintings alongside modern art, while the Museum of Applied Arts exhibits European decorative arts through the ages. 

Interactive science explorations await at the Senckenberg Natural History Museum nearby. 

Architecture of the German Architecture Museum and the Museum of Modern Art’s collections is the highlight of these museums. 


This Saxon city, energized by youth and creativity, builds upon its longstanding cultural reputation through diverse museums. 

The Museum of Fine Arts houses a rich repository of paintings from medieval altarpieces to 19th-century German works. 

Unique highlights of Leipzig include the Egyptian Museum, the Grassi Museums and the Music Instrument Museum which display over 1,000 instruments.

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