Top museum cities and museums in Austria

Austria is renowned globally for its vibrant arts scene, imperial heritage, and stunning architecture. 

Austria’s diverse museums across the country reflect this rich cultural legacy. 

Austria has over 1000 museums of different kinds – art, history, science, technology, ethnography etc. 

Three museums in Vienna’s capital appear on the list of the top 20 most visited museums worldwide. 

Clearly, museums play an integral role in Austrian culture, education, and tourism. Let’s understand why museums occupy such a key place in Austria.

Top Museums in Austria

  • Belvedere Museum
  • Kunsthistorisches Museum

Top Cities for Museum-Hopping in Austria

Several Austrian cities are renowned for their unique museums chronicling history, culture, arts, folk traditions and more. 

Here are some top cities for museum lovers to explore:


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As the imperial capital, Vienna is any museum enthusiast’s delight. 

The Kunsthistorisches Museum, Belvedere, Schonbrunn Palace’s museums and the Museum of Modern Art Vienna are a must-see. 

Discovery also awaits at the curious Pathological-Anatomical, Funeral Services and Bestattung Wien museums.


This musical city’s museums capture its baroque heritage and Mozart connection. Mozart’s Birthplace and Residence museums are a key highlight. 

The majestic Salzburg Museum in the Neue Residenz palace and the quirky Toy Museum are recommended.


Innsbruck’s prime draw is its Habsburg history showcased at the Imperial Palace and the Tyrolean State Museum. 

Unique museums include the Tyrol Panorama, which depicts a battle and the Olympic Museum, documenting Innsbruck’s Winter Olympics legacy.


Austria’s second-largest city, Graz, is an architectural gem. 

Its diverse museums include the Styrian Armoury, featuring 32,000 pieces of weaponry and the Styrian Folk Museum exhibiting regional customs. 

The Neue Galerie covers 19th and 20th-century Austrian art.


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Ars Electronica, the world’s top museum for digital art, attracts techies and art fans alike in Linz. 

The city’s Lentos and Schloss Museum focus on Modern art, while the Upper Austrian State Museum covers regional history and art.

Best Museums to Visit in Austria

From imperial collections to modern masterpieces, here are some of the most iconic and popular museums to see in Austria:

Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna

This museum is part of Habsburg’s imperial collections and has one of the world’s finest and most extensive art holdings. 

Spanning Antonio Canova’s sculptures to Jan Vermeer’s The Art of Painting will leave you awe-struck with art.

Krusthistorisches Museum is a must-visit museum in Austria which you should not miss. 

Belvedere, Vienna

This is one of the most popular museums in Austria. 

These stunning baroque palaces house Austrian art masterpieces, including the world’s largest Gustav Klimt collection and iconic painting, ‘The Kiss.’ 

The palace gardens and architecture make Belvedere a Viennese landmark.

Museum of Modern Art Vienna

A contemporary art paradise, this museum collects Austrian modern and avant-garde art created in the 20th and 21st centuries. 

Works by provocative artists like Friedensreich Hundertwasser delight art connoisseurs.

Albertina, Vienna

Albertina Vienna
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Once Habsburg’s residence, Albertina today houses a world-renowned collection of graphic art with nearly 1 million prints and 60,000 drawings.

Works by masters like Picasso, Cézanne, Klimt and more await.

Natural History Museum, Vienna

Natural History Museum of Vienna is one of the world’s finest natural history museums.

It contains over 20 million objects across departments like minerals, meteorites, dinosaurs and anthropology, spread over 60 exhibition halls. 

Salzburg Museum

Located in the Baroque Neue Residenz palace, this museum narrates the fascinating history of Salzburg using artworks, musical instruments and other objects. 

The palace’s opulent staterooms themselves are a delight.

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