Louvre Museum Facilities

The Louvre Museum is the heavenly abode of some of the world’s most inspiring and treasured artistic collections and artifacts.

The Parisian National Museum not only houses some of Europe’s most iconic collections but also ensures a comfortable and ensuring visitor experience.

The carefully crafted Louvre Museum facilities section reflects the museum’s careful consideration of inclusivity.

These amenities ensure all visitors, including people with disabilities and small children, have a wonderful experience.

The Louvre Museum also offers lockers and cloakroom facilities so visitors can explore the vast complex without feeling the burden of their belongings. 

Let us briefly learn about the Louvre Museum facilities to ensure a smooth experience at the venue.

Information Desks

Information Desk
Image: Louvre.fr

The Louvre Museum has two Information Desks under the Pyramid offering all necessary information to the visitors.

At the information desk, you can ask the staff for help or pick up the museum map, which is available in seven languages, keeping international tourists in mind.


Image: Twitter.com/MuseeLouvre

Paris is one of the world’s Fashion Capitals, and it is common to spot tourists exploring the city all dressed up.

The Louvre Museum facilities include self-service lockers for visitors to store their jackets, coats, and other items they do not wish to carry inside the museum.

Visitors should remember that no items exceeding 50 x 35 x 20 cm are allowed inside the museum and avoid bringing large suitcases or bags.

Please note that visitors must collect all items from the cloakroom or self-service lockers on the same day.

It is also noteworthy that the museum takes no responsibility for the high-value or pricey items in the lockers, so avoid storing expensive items and jewelry.

Visitors Assistance Area

Visitors Assistance Area
Image: Louvre.fr

Visitors needing a Loan of Equipment such as walking sticks, folding stools, pushchairs, baby carriers, etc., can approach the Visitors Assistance Area.

The Visitors Assistance Area is under the Pyramid, and visitors must provide an ID to borrow the said Loan of Equipment.


One of the most desirable Louvre Museum facilities includes the free Wi-Fi under the Pyramid and in the Exhibition Rooms.

The free Wi-Fi network is available under “Louvre_Wifi_Gratiut” and remains connected for one hour.

Visitors can renew the connection as many times as they want to.


Washrooms are located near the Welcome Area, under the Pyramid and throughout the Museum.

Keeping the little guests in mind, most washroom facilities in the Louvre Museum come with changing tables.

Car Parking

Car Parking
Image: Wikimedia.org

An underground car park is available at 1 Avenue du General Lemonier and the guests can access the museum via the Galerie du Carrousel entrance.

The car park remains open from 7 am to 11 pm.

Guests with disabilities are entitled to a reduced fee at this parking lot. 

To get your discounted parking fee token, head to the dedicated area under the pyramids for visitors with special needs. 

Lost and Found Center

One of the most important Louvre Museum facilities, the Help Desk, assists visitors who have lost their possessions.

The guests within the museum premises can approach the staff at the Help Desk under the Pyramid.

Visitors who have already left the premises need not worry either.

You can fill out a report form to approach the Lost and Found Center. 

Space for Babies

Space for Babies
Image: Louvre.fr

The Louvre is a dedicated and inclusive space committed to providing a safe and memorable experience at the museum.

The Studio is a dedicated space for babies and toddlers, designed for families.

The Studio contains several essential items, such as a bottle warmer, a microwave oven and a nursing chair, so babies and their families can feel calm.

The Studio is located on the ground floor of the Richelieu Wing.

FAQs About Facilities at the Louvre Museum

1. Are babies allowed in the Louvre Museum?

Babies are allowed in the Louvre Museum.

Children under the age of 18 can explore the temporary collections for free.

2. What are the Louvre Museum facilities for families with children?

The Louvre Museum facilities include a dedicated space for children and families with babies called ‘The Studio.’

The Studio has bottle warmers, nursing chairs, and a microwave oven.

3. What are the Louvre Museum facilities for guests with disabilities?

The Louvre Museum facilities include discounted parking rates and an elevator facility near the Pyramid Entrance.

4. Are there any Louvre Museum facilities to help if I lose something at the museum?

The Louvre Museum has a Help Desk where visitors can approach the Lost and Found team if they lose something.

Visitors who have left the Museum premises can fill out a form to approach the museum.

5. Does the Louvre Museum have storage facilities for visitors’ belongings?

The Louvre Museum has self-service storage lockers for visitors under the Pyramid.

6. What are the Louvre Museum facilities for guests who do not speak French?

The Louvre Museum offers audio guides in nine languages and maps in seven languages.

The audio guides are available in English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

Featured Image: Louvre.fr

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