Louvre Museum Hours, Timings, Schedule, Best Time to Visit, How Long Does it Take, Etc

The Louvre Museum is open daily except Tuesdays from 9 am to 6 pm. 

On Fridays, the Louvre Museum’s opening hours extended to 9.45 pm. 

The last entry to the Louvre is one hour before closing and the rooms are cleared 30 minutes before closing time. 

The Louvre is closed on Tuesdays, as well as on 1 January, 1 May, and 25 December, along with any other public holidays falling on a Tuesday.

Entry to the Louvre is free on the first Friday of every month after 6 pm, excluding July and August, and also on July 14th.

On special days like Christmas Eve (December 24) and New Year’s Eve (December 31), the museum is open from 9 am to  5 pm. 

Here is a brief look into the Louvre Museum Paris hours: 

Sunday9 am to 6 pm 
Monday9 am to 6 pm 
Wednesday9 am to 6 pm 
Thursday 9 am to 6 pm 
Friday9 am to 9.45 pm 
Saturday 9 am to 6 pm 

How Long Does It Take To Explore The Louvre Museum

Generally, a visit to the Louvre Museum takes three to four hours.

However, depending on your interest in art and history, you can spend more time enjoying the beauty of the Louvre. 

The Louvre Museum is vast, housing 35,000 works of art in more than 70 rooms across three wings. It is only possible to see part of the collection in a day.

Visitors in a hurry can focus on the Denon Wing to view masterpieces like the Mona Lisa and the Winged Victory of Samothrace in about an hour or two. 

A short visit to see top collections could take three to four hours. 

Art lovers may spend an entire day exploring all exhibits on multiple floors.

However, even a day will not be enough to explore all the art in the Louvre Museum. 

Art fatigue will take you over as you try moving between the galleries. 

The best way to explore the Louvre Museum is slowly and calmly. 

Short On Time And Wish To Visit Louvre Museum?

Short On Time And Wish To Visit Louvre Museum
Image: Getyourguide.com

You can take an express tour of the Louvre Museum if you are short on time. 

This visit will take you two to 2.5 hours, and a guide will show you the highlights of the museum.

This is one of the most recommended guided tours of the Louvre for visitors with less time but with an interest in the Louvre. 

This tour is also the perfect option as you can learn a lot within your short time there. 

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Best Time to Visit the Louvre Museum

Best Time to Visit the Louvre Museum
Image: Alexander Kagan on Unsplash

The best time to visit the Louvre Museum is during the early morning hours when it opens at 9 am from Wednesday to Monday. 

Arriving close to opening time ensures a more relaxed experience with fewer visitors.

It allows you to enjoy exhibits without the hustle and bustle that may occur later in the day. 

Aiming to be there around 9 am, you can avoid the peak influx of visitors, ensuring easy access to all floors without facing large crowds or queues at interactive displays. 

The museum gets busier as the morning progresses, especially by 11 am or noon. 

The period from late afternoon, after 4 pm, is another good time to visit the museum as the crowds begin to thin out. 

Although you might miss the morning light, exploring exhibits becomes more leisurely without the rush of tourists before the museum closes at 6 pm. 

Ensure you conclude your visit by 5 pm to avoid the end-of-day rush and ensure a calm departure rather than a last-minute scramble. 

Targeting early entry around the 9 am opening time or opting for a late afternoon visit before winding down by 5 pm can provide a more enjoyable experience.

Best Day Of The Week To Visit The Louvre Museum

Thursday and Friday are considered the best time of the week to visit the Louvre.

As most museums in Paris are closed on Monday, there are heavy crowds in the Louvre Museum. 

Since the Louvre is closed on Tuesdays, Wednesdays often see increased attendance. 

For the best experience, consider planning your visit on Thursday and Friday, as these days offer a more relaxed environment for exploring the renowned art collection. 

Opt for weekdays to enhance your overall visit by avoiding potential weekend crowds and ensuring a more comfortable exploration of the museum’s treasures.

Best Seasons and Months to Visit Louvre Museum

The best months and seasons to visit the Louvre Museum depend on your crowd levels and weather preference. 

Spring (April to May) offers a charming experience with blooming flowers and fewer tourists, especially on Wednesdays and Fridays during late hours. 

Summer (June to August) can be busy, but early mornings or late afternoons provide a quieter experience. 

Fall (September to October) showcases Paris in vibrant colors.

During this time, visiting in the second half of the day allows you to witness the Louvre pyramid against the city’s backdrop. 

Winter (November to March) offers a peaceful visit with fewer tourists and the chance to enjoy the Louvre’s indoor exhibits.

Each season brings a unique atmosphere to enhance your Louvre Museum experience.

For those seeking a less crowded experience at the Louvre Museum, the period between January and April is recommended.

This way, you can avoid the peak crowds from June to August. 

If you choose to visit during the peak season, early morning or late afternoon on a weekday is ideal. 

Late evening hours are preferable during the shoulder seasons (April to May and September to early October). 

Winter is generally less crowded. 

However, it’s important to note that Mondays are the busiest days at the Louvre Museum. 

Planning your visit during these suggested times can enhance your overall experience by minimizing crowds and allowing for a more relaxed museum exploration.

FAQs About Louvre Museum Hours

1. Is the Louver Museum free after 6 pm?

Entry is free to all visitors after 6 pm on the first Friday of every month except July and August. 

2. Is 2 hours enough at the Louvre museum?

Two hours give you time to visit the highlights of the museum. 
You can also take a two-hour guided tour of the Louvre and enjoy a comprehensive visit. 

3. What days are the Louvre Open?

The Louvre is open daily except Tuesday. 
It is closed on Christmas, New Year, and Workers’ Day (1 May). 

4. What are the best hours to go to the Louvre?

9 am and 3 pm are the best time to visit the Louvre Museum. 

5. Is it better to visit the Louvre at night?

Visiting the Louvre at night offers a unique experience with special lighting and less crowd. 
If you wish to enjoy a night visit, take advantage of the extended opening hours until 9.45 pm on Fridays. 

6. How long do you wait for the Louvre?

The general waiting time is 40 minutes. On holidays, peak summer days and tourist season, the wait goes up to two hours. 

7.How long is the line to see Mona Lisa?

The wait for the Mona Lisa takes around an hour. 

You should also note that visitors can only spend three minutes in front of the Mona Lisa. 

8. What is the best day of the week to visit the Louvre?

Thursday and Friday are the best days to visit the Louvre.

Featured Image: Ryan Ancill on Unsplash

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