How to get to Dali Museum of Figueres, Parking, etc

Dali Museum of Figueres lies 140 km (87 miles) from Barcelona. 

The Dali Museum is located at Plaça Gala i Salvador Dalí, 5, 17600 Figueres, Girona, Spain. Get Directions.

All credit to the transportation system in Barcelona that Dali Museum is easily accessible by public and private transport.

This guide will tell you everything about how to get to the Dali Museum of Figueres and Parking.

How to Reach Dali Museum of Figueres by Train

How to Reach Dali Museum of Figueres by Train
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To reach the Dali Museum of Figueres by train, travelers have multiple options available:

  • Line Barcelona – Figueres (RENFE): Operated by RENFE, this line connects Barcelona to Figueres.
  • Line Perpignan – Figueres Vilafant (SNCF): Provided by SNCF, this line connects Perpignan to Figueres Vilafant.
  • Line Cervera – Figueres (SNCF): Another option from SNCF is that this line connects Cervera to Figueres.

Once at the Figueres train station, visitors will find the Dalí Theatre-Museum conveniently located within a 12-minute walking distance.

Travelers coming from farther destinations can take advantage of high-speed train lines:

  • Line Paris – Figueres-Vilafant (AVE / AVANT): Connecting Paris to Figueres-Vilafant, this high-speed line offers efficient travel options.
  • Line Barcelona – Figueres Vilafant (AVE / AVANT): Barcelona is well-connected to Figueres-Vilafant via this high-speed line, providing quick and comfortable travel for visitors.

How to Reach Dali Museum of Figueres by Bus

How to Reach Dali Museum of Figueres by Bus
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There are several options available for travelers opting for bus transportation. 

They can take Line Girona Airport – Figueres operated by SARFA, Line Perpignan – Figueres by EUROLINES, or the Bus Vilafant-Figueres. 

Additionally, Line Barcelona and Maresme Coast – Figueres are provided by SAGALÉS and also take visitors to the Dali Museum. 

How to Reach Dali Museum of Figueres by Car

Travelers planning to reach the Dali Museum of Figueres by car have two primary routes to consider. 

They can take the AP7 motorway from Barcelona (Barcelona-la Jonquera), exit at Figueres, or opt for the main road Nacional II (Barcelona-France). 

Similarly, travelers coming from Perpignan can take the A9 motorway and then either continue on the main road, Nacional II or switch to the AP7 motorway. 

Once in Figueres, they can drive to the city center.

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Dali Museum of Figueres Entrance

Visitors to the Dali Museum of Figueres can access the museum through its entrance at Gala-Salvador Dalí Square. 

This entrance provides direct access to the museum’s exhibits and collections, allowing visitors to begin their exploration of Salvador Dalí’s remarkable art and legacy.

Parking Near the Dali Museum of Figueres

Parking Near the Dali Museum of Figueres
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Dali Museum offers convenient parking spaces in the nearby public parking spaces. 

These parking facilities offer convenient options for visitors to park their vehicles while exploring the museum and its surroundings.

Here are some parking options near the Dali Museum: 

Parking Saba El GarrigalStreet Canigó, s/n, 17600, Figueres€3.3
Parking Saba El Firal – FigueresAvinguda Salvador Dalí i Domènech, 107, 17600, Figueres€3.3
Parking Saba Plaza Cataluña – FigueresPlaza Catalunya, s/n, 17600, Figueres€3.3
Parking Saba Figueres Train Station – FigueresAvinguda Puig Grau, 17740, Vilafant Figueres€1.4

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