Florence City Pass: Skip The Line to Duomo, Uffizi and Accademia Gallery

From towering cathedrals to picturesque piazzas, Florence oozes beauty, history, and mouthwatering meals around every corner. 

But you don’t just want to simply see Florence – you want to experience it in full splendor.

This means you do not wish to waste your time around at ticket counters and only enjoy VIP access everywhere. 

That’s why frequent travelers opt for the Florence City Pass.

With the city pass, you can access the city’s top attractions – Florence Duomo, Brunelleschi’s Dome, Uffizi and Accademia Galleries. 

 With the Florence City Pass as your trusty travel amico, you’ll save 20% on individual entry tickets. 

From €105

Validity: 3 Days


Audio guide  

Entry to the Florence Cathedral, Brunelleschi’s Dome, Uffizi and Accademia Galleries

What Attractions Does The Florence City Pass Cover

The Florence City Pass includes the following: 

  • Free entrance to Florence Cathedral
  • Entrance to Brunelleschi Dome (skip the line on upgrade)
  • Access to Giotto’s Bell Tower, Opera del Duomo Museum, and Santa Reparata (valid for 72 hours)
  • Priority entrance to the Uffizi Gallery
  • An upgrade is available for private and guided tours of the Uffizi Gallery
  • Priority entrance to Accademia Gallery
  • Lasy Minute entry to Accademia Gallery 
  • Access to Michelangelo’s David and all exhibitions
  • Digital audio guide of Accademia Gallery
  • Florence: City Audio Guide App for Your Smartphone

You can save 10% on all other Florence attractions and activities in the city with a personal discount code received via email after booking.

Florence City Pass Price

The cost of the Florence City Pass depends on the upgrade you choose. 

The basic Florence City Pass costs €105

How Does The Florence City Pass Work

The Florence City Pass offers you a 20% discount when compared to individual entry tickets.

For instance, if you plan to visit the Florence Cathedral, Brunelleschi’s Dome, Uffizi Gallery and Accademia Gallery, it will cost: 

Florence Cathedral with Dome Climb (€47) + Uffizi Gallery  (€29) + Accademia Gallery  (€46) + Audio Guide (€10) costs €132.

 This way, you can save €27 and your time at various ticket counters. 

Along with the 20% discount for the entry tickets, you can get a 10% discount on further purchases. 

Why Should You Get The Florence City Pass

Why Should You Get The Florence City Pass
Image: Tiqets.com

The Florence City Pass emerges as the optimal choice for those seeking a seamless and economical exploration of this enchanting city. 

Priced at €105, this pass unlocks a world of cultural treasures.

It offers priority entrance to iconic attractions such as the Uffizi Gallery, Accademia Gallery and the breathtaking Brunelleschi’s Dome. 

With the pass, visitors can see the masterpieces without the hassle of ticket lines, ensuring a hassle-free and time-efficient visit. 

The inclusion of the Florence: City Audio Guide App enhances the experience, providing insightful commentaries and digital maps for convenient navigation. 

The pass extends a 10% discount on other Florence attractions, adding further value to the comprehensive exploration of the city.

With significant savings and additional benefits like guided tours and audio guides, the Florence City Pass options cater to varied preferences.

All its benefits make it the go-to choice for a memorable and enriching visit to Florence.

Who Is The Florence City Pass Suitable For

The Florence City Pass is perfect for those exploring the city for the first time. 

Acting as a golden ticket, it grants access to all top attractions affordably, allowing visitors to experience Florence’s charm without overspending.

The Florence City Pass is flexible, catering to those who prefer a leisurely pace. 

Visitors can take their time at each location, absorbing the rich history and enjoying a relaxed visit to Florence on their own terms.

Where Can I Buy The Florence City Pass

Buying the Florence City Pass is simple with an easy-to-use online platform. 

Users can select their preferred dates, determine the number of passes needed and securely pay through the booking system. 

Once payment is complete, tickets are promptly delivered via email. 

The seamless online experience offers great discounts compared to individual ticket prices.

Things to remember while purchasing the Florence City Pass

Things to remember while purchasing the Florence City Pass
Image: Tamara Malaniy on Unsplash

Before buying the Florence City Pass, keep these key factors in mind for an enhanced experience:

  • Attraction Status: Check for temporary closures, reduced hours, or reservation requirements for attractions.
  • Peak Periods: Popular attractions without reservation systems may have extended waiting times during peak periods.
  • Mobility Considerations: Individuals with mobility issues should know that non-folding and electric wheelchairs may not be permitted at specific attractions. Plan accordingly for a seamless experience.

FAQs About Florence City Pass

1. Is there a city pass for Florence, Italy?

The Florence City Pass offers you entry to the top three attractions of the city – Florence Cathedral and Duomo, Uffizi Gallery and Accademia Gallery.

2. Is Duomo included in Firenze Card?

Brunelleschi’s Dome and Florence Duomo are included in the Florence Card.

3. What is the most visited museum in Florence?

The Uffizi Gallery is the most visited museum in Florence, showcasing the city’s magnificent artistic legacy.

4. Is the Florence City Pass worth it?

The Florence City Pass is a worthwhile investment, providing a seamless and cost-effective avenue to explore the city’s attractions, complete with various perks.

5. What should I wear to the museum in Florence?

Opt for comfortable attire when exploring Florence’s museums to enhance your overall experience.

6. How much does the Florence City Pass cost?

The City Pass in Florence, Italy, comes in different pricing tiers based on your chosen duration, offering substantial discounts for various attractions throughout the city.

The basic Florence City Pass costs €105.

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