Top 10 Must-See Exhibits at the Museum of the Future You Can’t Miss

The Museum of the Future building has six levels, and it’s interesting because it’s all connected by a raised walkway to the Metro station. 

There’s also a bridge that links it to the Emirates Towers. 

What’s cool is that, apart from the floors, there aren’t any flat surfaces in the building!

The Museum of the Future, Dubai, is famous for its artistic value. 

Here are some of the top attractions of the Museum of the Future:

The Atrium

Visitors enter the Museum of the Future through the bright, naturally-lit Atrium. 

Sunlight falls across this welcoming white space via the intricate Arabic calligraphy etched on the building’s exterior glass panels. 

Notably, robots manufactured each of the over 1,000 uniquely shaped steel calligraphy plates in a 16-step, four-layer process. 

An exciting shuttle simulation from the Atrium whisks explorers toward the museum’s floors and exhibits!

OSS Hope – a trip to the space

The OSS Hope delivers visitors to space 600km above Earth! 

This NASA-approved replica of a space station provides unparalleled views of neighboring planets through its observation window. 

Those wishing for the astronaut experience can live it briefly during this one-of-a-kind exhibit. 

The OSS Hope’s simulated orbital adventure exceeds expectations, from gazing upon the illuminated Moon to peering back at our vibrant planet.

The Vault of Life

Inside the DNA library holding thousands of species, one finds the immersive Vault of Life. These extensive digital archives allow visitors to study fascinating organisms and gain inspiring ecological insights. 

Most impactfully, The Vault of Life encourages individuals to participate directly in combating climate change and its threats to global biodiversity. 

This interactive call to climate action ranks among museum exhibits’ most urgent and enlightening.

The Heal Institute – a Digital Amazon

Step into a virtual adventure that replicates the wonders of the Amazon rainforest. 

Walk through this mixed reality experience and witness the diverse species inhabiting the rainforests, including thousands of insects and microorganisms unseen by the naked eye. 

The primary aim is to underscore the potential of biotechnology and artificial intelligence in healing and preserving the ecosystem.

An integral component of the HEAL institute is The Library (of species).

It has a fascinating collection featuring thousands of distinct plant and animal species encased in glass capsules, illuminated for detailed observation. 

This exhibit serves as a tangible archive of life on Earth, captivating the curiosity of those fascinated by the intricacies of science.

Tomorrow Today

Go on a journey to discover upcoming technologies curated by the world’s leading innovators. 

This ever-evolving showcase presents innovations poised to reshape our future world. 

Visitors can explore how researchers and corporations worldwide address urgent challenges, spanning environmental concerns to advancements in human health and societal phenomena.

Al Waha Wellness Zone

Immerse yourself in a futuristic spa that employs advanced therapies involving sound and light. 

This space is dedicated to reconnecting individuals with their mind, body, and spirit while providing respite from the digital world. 

The facility, enveloped in a soothing pink ambiance, harnesses the therapeutic power of light, color, and sound. 

Upon crossing the arched entrance, guests find themselves in a lobby with a carpeted floor, creating the illusion of waves with every step.

The spa encompasses various spaces and corners designed for relaxation, featuring distinct rooms offering meditative experiences. 

Patrons can enjoy a beautiful journey from the Sand Bath and Ultrasonic Therapy to Connections Therapy and the meditation room.

Future Heroes

Designed exclusively for the heroes of tomorrow—children! 

This section offers young participants three primary experiences: Imagine, Design, and Build. 

Children engage in specific missions alongside other visitors, fostering creativity, communication, and collaboration. 

Successful completion earns them a badge, potentially transforming even those less inclined toward museums into enthusiastic participants.

The Robot Barista

Witness technological advancements by visiting the robot barista. 

This automated marvel serves freshly brewed cups of coffee, offering a tantalizing glimpse into the future landscape of automation.

The Center

Enter an almost meditative space designed to explore the healing potential of movement, meditation, and water. 

Nestled under a dome of light and water, The Centre provides a multisensory exhibition space crafted to rejuvenate and replenish one’s energies. 

This groundbreaking concept, discussed for years, has finally materialized into a tangible physical space.

Talks and Discussion Panels

Beyond a mere repository of exhibits, Dubai’s Museum of The Future serves as a platform for active engagement. 

Discussion panels and talk sessions invite visitors to participate in conversations with scientists and innovators on topics such as space, the deep sea, and beyond. 

It’s an opportunity to both learn and actively engage with intriguing subjects.

FAQs about the Must-See Exhibits at the Museum of the Future

1. What is the OSS Hope exhibit? 

The OSS Hope exhibit simulates a trip to outer space via a NASA-approved International Space Station model. 

It provides stunning views of planets, stars, and Earth from 600 km above through massive observation windows.

2. Does the Museum of the Future have exhibits on climate change?

Yes, the Vault of Life exhibit lets visitors explore a digital archive holding DNA samples from thousands of global species and ecosystems.

It highlights how biotechnology innovations could counter biodiversity loss from climate change.

3. What type of health and wellness exhibits are featured?

The Al Waha exhibit focuses on therapeutic treatments involving light, sound, meditation and movement.

It does so through spaces like the ultrasonic therapy room, connections therapy pod bay, and central meditation dome.

4. Can kids enjoy and learn at the Museum of the Future?

Yes, the Future Heroes section aimed at kids features imaginative missions and challenges focused on critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and communication skills.

5. What emerging technologies are showcased at the Museum of Future?

The Tomorrow Today hall reveals concepts and prototypes from global innovators and companies across areas like robotics, AI, smart infrastructure, sustainability, mixed reality, healthcare breakthroughs, and more.

6. How does the Museum of the Future exhibition incorporate nature? 

The Digital Amazon rainforest recreation allows the observation of hundreds of animated species using mixed reality without real-world threats and gives insights into healing delicate ecosystems.

7. Are there immersive shows or theater experiences?

Immersive experiences integrate technologies like augmented reality across exhibits rather than separate productions, with the introductory Atrium shuttle simulation preparing visitors for the future focus.

8. What can visitors learn about space exploration?

The Journey to the Future exhibit allows visitors to envision life in a future orbital space station through real-time visualizations of the sun, moon, and distant galaxies from an observation deck. 

It showcases innovations making prolonged space travel and planetary settlements possible.

9. How long does it take to experience all the Museum of the Future’s exhibits?

While it’s possible to see the flagship attractions in 2-3 hours, visitors should budget a full 4 hours to thoroughly explore all 7 floors of Museum of the Future exhibits.

10. Can visitors attend any special events or programming?

Alongside its permanent displays, the museum hosts talks, workshops, conferences and speaker sessions with innovation leaders.

It offers opportunities to discuss new technologies and solutions shaping fields like robotics, AI, healthcare, smart cities, and sustainability.

Featured Image: Museumofthefuture.ae

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