Everything About Accademia Gallery Tickets, Prices, Discounts, Visitor’s Information, Etc

The Galleria dell’Accademia in Florence, Italy, is home to one of the world’s most iconic works of art – Michelangelo’s David. 

Housed in a former convent and academy of fine arts, the Accademia Gallery is a compact museum with a precious collection.

In addition to David, the Accademia houses a remarkable collection of Michelangelo’s partially completed Prisoners or Slaves statues, intended for the tomb of Pope Julius II. 

These Atlas-like figures seem to emerge from their stone blocks, showcasing Michelangelo’s mastery of technical and expressive sculpture.

The gallery also displays important Florentine Gothic and Renaissance paintings, such as Paolo Uccello’s equestrian monument to Sir John Hawkwood.

As such, the Accademia provides visitors with an intimacy with Michelangelo’s work and displays some of Florence’s finest artworks from the 14th-16th centuries.

This article provides all the information about Accademia Gallery tickets, prices, discounts, what to expect and more. 

A Quick Glance At Accademia Gallery

Hours: 8.15 am to 6.50 pm

Time needed: 2 to 3 hours

Best time: Early morning or after 5 pm

Must see: Michelangelo’s David, Slaves, Coronation of the Virgin, The Rape of the Sabine Women, Tree of Life

Entry ticket: €23
Guided tour: €46

Location: Via Ricasoli, 58/60, 50122 Firenze FI, Italy | Get directions

Where To Buy Tickets For The Accademia Gallery

Visitors to the Accademia Gallery can purchase tickets online or at the counter upon arrival. 

However, obtaining tickets to the Galleria dell’accademia at the venue can be challenging due to high demand. 

Booking tickets online in advance is highly recommended to ensure hassle-free entry, skip lines, and save time. 

Online tickets offer priority access and help you escape the one-hour waiting time, which can increase during the peak summer months. 

Booking online allows you to select preferred dates and times, avoiding last-minute hassles. 

Online tickets are cheaper than offline counterparts and offer options that may not always be available onsite. 

Simply choose your ticket category, enter details, select the date and time, and make the payment. 

Confirmed tickets are sent via email, and on the day of the visit, you can show the e-ticket on your phone for instant entry.

Accademia Gallery ticket prices

The Accademia Gallery Skip the Line entry ticket costs €23 for all visitors above 25 years old. 

Youths between 18 and 24 years can buy the ticket for €7 and children below 17 can get the entry ticket to Galleria dell’Accademia for €5.

Uffizi and Accademia Gallery combo tickets and Florence Pass are popular options for exploring the museum. 

You can see the top three attractions of Florence with the Florence City Pass and save a lot of money and time.

The prices of all Galleria dell’Accademia tickets are given below: 

Skip the Line entry ticket€23
Audio Guide€30
Guided Tour€46
Last minute ticket€29
Uffizi and Accademia Gallery€65
Florence Pass€105

Types of tickets to the Accademia Gallery 

There are a lot of ticket options when you’re visiting the Accademia Gallery. 

You can opt for the skip-the-line admission ticket to explore the Accademia Gallery at your own pace. 

For a more guided visit, you can opt for an audio guide that narrates your sights in the museum.

Visitors looking for a quick yet knowledgeable tour of the museum opt for a guided tour

The live expert guide takes a small group of visitors on a customized tour of the Accademia Gallery. 

Did you arrive at Accademia Gallery and find a never-ending queue at the ticket gallery?

Do not get disheartened; the last-minute Accademia Gallery tickets will save your day and get you an instant priority ticket. 

If you are like most visitors who plan to visit the top attractions in the city on the same day, choose the combo tickets or Florence city pass

Here is a detailed look into the tickets for Accademia Gallery.

Skip-the-line Accademia Gallery Entry Ticket

The entry ticket to the Accademia Gallery will grant skip-the-line access and help you escape waiting times and long queues. 

With this ticket, you can enjoy priority entrance to the Accademia Gallery and see the remarkable Michelangelo’s David.

Other advantages include choosing a timed entry slot and staying in the Accademia Gallery Museum as long as you want.

Ticket Price

AgeTicket Prices
Adult ticket (25+ years) €23
Youth ticket (18 to 24 years)€7
Child ticket (up to 17 years)€5
EU Students (18 to 25 years)€7

Accademia Gallery Audio Guide Tour

With this priority entry ticket, you can enter the Accademia Gallery at your chosen date and time.

The Italian and English-speaking hosts will introduce you to the security check gate.

You will get all the instructions regarding the audio guide app on your phone a day prior.

Apart from the paintings, you can also visit the room with the collection of old musical instruments from the Cherubini Conservatory.

Tour Price

AgeTour Price
Adult ticket (18 + years)€30
Child ticket( 6 to 17 years)€16
Infant ticket (up to 5 years)Free

Accademia Gallery Guided Tour

A guided tour of Accademia Gallery helps you learn more about the museum in a short time. 

While most visitors cluelessly click pictures of Michelangelo’s David, your guide will share interesting information and fascinating facts about the masterpieces. 

Be it a first-time visitor or someone coming back to explore more, a guided tour is perfect for everyone. 

This one-hour guided tour is available in English, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, French, German, Russian and Serbo-Croatian. 

On this tour, you get a free luggage deposit and receive headsets, earphones and a museum booklet. 

This tour includes: 

  • Priority entry to Accademia Gallery 
  • Guide
  • Headset and earphones
  • Museum booklet
  • Free luggage deposit

Tour Price:

AgeTour Price
Adult ticket (18 + years)€46
Child ticket( 6 to 17 years)€25
Infant ticket (up to 5 years)Free

Last-minute Accademia Gallery Ticket

Be it a last-minute decision, a spur of the moment spontaneous decision, or do you find yourself at the end of the long ticket counter queue of Accademia Gallery?

The last-minute Accademia Gallery ticket can save your day with priority access to the museum. 

This same-day Accademia Gallery admission ticket provides access to all parts of the museum, from Michelangelo’s famous David to temporary exhibitions. 

You can also navigate the museum easily with the museum guide that comes with this ticket. 

The ticket includes

  • Priority entrance to Accademia Gallery
  • Access to permanent exhibitions
  • Access to temporary exhibitions (when available)
  • Paper guide of the Accademia Gallery’s best masterpieces
  • Assistant at the meeting point
  • Accord audio guide

Ticket Price:

AgeTicket Price
Adult ticket (18 + years)€28
Child ticket( 6 to 17 years)€19
Infant ticket (up to 5 years)Free

Uffizi and Accademia Gallery Combo Tour

The Uffizi and Accademia Gallery combo tour grants access to the top 2 museums in Florence.

At the Uffizi Gallery, you can see Michelangelo, Botticelli, Caravaggio, Leonardo da Vinci, and more artworks.

You can see Michelangelo’s largest collection of sculptures at the Accademia Gallery.

Ticket  Price: €65

Florence City Pass

Florence City Pass offers discounted admission to major attractions in the city. 

While individual tickets might be expensive, this is a money-saving option for visitors under a budget. 

With the Florence City Pass, you can get discounted entry to: 

  • Florence Cathedral and Brunelleschi’s dome
  • Priority access to Accademia Gallery 
  • Priority access to Uffizi Gallery 

With this city pass, you can get a Florence City audio guide for a comprehensive tour. 

In addition, you can also get a 10% discount on your next booking to over 70 attractions in Florence. 

Pass Price: The Florence Pass costs €105

What to Expect at the Accademia Gallery

As home to Michelangelo’s iconic David, the Galleria dell’Accademia in Florence is one of the most popular attractions in the city. 

About 1.7 million visitors flock here every year to admire the perfection of Renaissance art. 

Here is what you can expect at Accademia Gallery: 

Michelangelo’s David

The main highlight of the Accademia Gallery is Michelangelo’s magnificent sculpture of David

Completed in 1504, the 17-foot marble statue depicts the biblical figure David poised with his slingshot, ready to battle the giant Goliath. 

David is revered for its perfect proportions and the way Michelangelo masterfully carved the muscular tension and emotion in David’s pose. 

The statue towered over Florence for centuries and stands today in a place of honor under the museum’s glass dome ceiling. 

Be prepared to admire this iconic masterpiece from all angles during your visit.

Renaissance Art

Aside from David, the Accademia collection includes an impressive array of Renaissance paintings and sculptures. 

Some renowned works include “The Prisoners” and “St. Matthew” – also carved by Michelangelo during his early career. 

Paolini, Rosselino, Giambologna, and Andrea del Sarto are among the other prominent artists featured. 

Expect to immerse yourself in 16th-century Mannerism and Early Renaissance styles and observe the evolution of sacred art as you explore the galleries around David.

Historical Significance

Overall, the Accademia Gallery provides a stunning look at the creative explosion that occurred in Florence between the 14th and 16th centuries. 

Many of the great masters lived or worked in Florence, making the city synonymous with the Italian Renaissance. 

As you admire the paintings and statues within the Accademia, you can reflect on how these artists were pioneers of new techniques, realism, and humanist themes.

The sheer number of masterpieces assembled makes this one of Italy’s seminal art collections.

Accademia Gallery – Visitors Information

Here is some information you need to know before visiting the Accademia Gallery in Florence:


The Accademia Gallery is open from Tuesday to Sunday, welcoming visitors from 8.15 am to 6.50 pm. 

The ticket office closes promptly at 6.20 pm, and operations begin to shut down by 6.40 pm. 

The gallery remains closed on Mondays, New Year’s Day, Christmas, and May 1st.

Make sure you check the details about the Accademia Gallery opening hours before you visit. 

Getting to the Accademia Gallery

To reach the Accademia Gallery in Florence, you have multiple transportation options. 

Address: Via Ricasoli, 58/60, 50122 Firenze FI, Italy | Get directions

If you prefer the bus, take numbers 14 or 23 from Uffizi Gallery, with a travel time of 13 minutes. 

Alternatively, buses 6 and 31 also connect to the Accademia Gallery. 

The museum is conveniently located near the Santa Maria Novella train station. 

This is the city’s central station and is well-connected from all parts of Florence. 

Taxis are easily accessible in Florence, and you can flag one down on the street or pre-book for a pickup at your chosen location.

The fare for a single taxi ride typically falls within the range of €6 to €8.

You can also drive conveniently to the museum. 

The nearest car park is close to the Santa Maria Novella (SMN) train station, allowing you to park and take a short stroll to the Accademia Gallery.

FAQs About Accademia Gallery Tickets

1. How much is the Accademia Gallery Skip the Line entry ticket?

The Accademia Gallery Skip the Line entry ticket costs €23 for all visitors above 25 years old. 

Youths between 18 and 24 years can buy the ticket for €7 and children below 17 can get the entry ticket to Galleria dell’Accademia for €5.

2. Is the Florence City Pass worth it?

The Florence City Pass provides access to the top 3 museums in Florence, including Accademia Gallery, Uffizi Gallery, and Brunelleschi Dome & Florence Cathedral. 

It also offers a 10% discount on the next booking.

Hence, booking a Florence City Pass is worth it. 

3. How much time is recommended to visit the Accademia Gallery?

A visit to the Accademia Gallery typically takes about two to three hours. 

Plan your visit at 8 am or after 5 pm for a less crowded experience.

4. Can I purchase Accademia Gallery tickets online?

Yes, visitors can purchase Accademia Gallery tickets online

Booking in advance is recommended to ensure hassle-free entry, priority access, and cost savings.

5. Can you get Accademia tickets at the door?

While tickets are available at the museum, the ticket counter queues can take 30 minutes to one hour during normal weeks.

This time can go upto 1.5 hours during summers and public holidays. 

Hence, we recommend you buy your admission ticket online. 

6. Do I need to buy Accademia tickets in advance?

Accademia Gallery is one of the most visited museums in the world. 

Hence, the tickets are often sold out. 

So, it is better to book your tickets in advance. 

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